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Design Build

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Design Build

Dynamic’s design, entitlement and construction teams effectively monitor and efficiently coordinate each stage of the development process – from initial research and due diligence through drafting conceptual site plans and submitting necessary applications to preparing construction documents.

With Our experienced design team under one roof, we are able to efficiently and effectively vet, entitle, design and engineer a project. We have an in-house research team that determines the feasibility of the proposed project both financially and physically. Once a project is determined to be feasible meaning we can build what we want and do so economically, then we will begin the process of entitling, designing and engineering the project. This process can take anywhere from six months to eighteen months depending on the entitlements and agencies involved. Our design team drafts site plans, renderings, elevations and ultimately, construction plan—all in-house.

Our design services include but are not limited to:

  • Architecture
  • Renderings
  • Elevations
  • Construction Plan

Having an in-house construction department allows DDC ease of project bidding and coordination, ensuring a cost-effective approach and a smooth building process. Our goal is simple—meet our budget and deliver on time. Over our five decade history, we have developed many fruitful relationships with a myriad of sub-contractors to ensure our pricing is competitive and that we deliver ON TIME. Our family of contractors understand, appreciate and respect our goal to deliver our product on time and on budget. Our team works closely with our client/tenant’s team to collaborate and coordinate on the project to ensure successful completion and delivery.


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