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Our History

With over 50 years of experience in retail and multi-family development, DDC and its first generation predecessor have developed over 1,500 projects or 7,500,000 square feet of space. Our in-house, multi-disciplined team includes architecture, engineering and construction. We are a one-stop-shop that can custom design, entitle and build your build-to-suit or reposition project.

Our Vision

Whether we are working on a multi-family project, a mixed use project or a build-to-suit single tenant or multi-tenant project, our goal is to create a beautiful and improved piece of real estate that will serve the city in which we build and the communities that live and work there.

Our Principles

Determination, Persistence and Integrity

We believe that “doing our best” coupled with a sense of responsibility for our product and good old-fashioned hard (and smart) work are the keys to 1,500 successful projects. And because we believe we can always do better, we often review our own internal protocols and procedures to streamline and tighten the very frenetic road of retail development. There are many moving pieces like those in a puzzle and it is our job to be sure that all pieces fall into the proper place at the proper time.

Our Leadership

As led and directed by Damon Porter, CEO, our experienced team of professionals take responsibility and pride in their product. Damon has long believed and practiced the idea that one should surround themselves with people better than themselves as he relies on and trusts in their commitment and expertise in getting the project completed.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships are the culmination and cultivation of relationships and resources with only the best in the business. We are all in it together to inure to the benefit of all parties involved whether this is with our lenders, our tenants, our consultants or our subcontractors. We always bring the best talent in the business to the table.

Committed To Leadership And Excellence In Our Industry.


Having purchased and developed over 1,500 properties is a testament not only our success at acquiring the right land at the right price, but to our access to capital. Our seasoned acquisitions team’s familiarity with the market and its history gives us an edge others may not have along with our significant purchasing power.  Learn More


With Our experienced design team under one roof, we are able to efficiently and effectively vet, entitle, design and engineer a project. We have an in-house research team that determines the feasibility of the proposed project both financially and physically. Learn More


Having an in-house construction department allows DDC ease of project bidding and coordination, ensuring a cost-effective approach and a smooth building process. Our goal is simple—meet our budget and deliver on time.
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Dynamic orchestrated a professional and precise process well before the shovels hit the ground and throughout the entire development process.

Allana Johnson, Architect